Please Sign on to NCR Ad Urging Just Peace

We’ll be running a full-page ad in the National Catholic Reporter, before the U.S. bishops’ meeting in November. As in previous years, our ad will carry the signatures of many like-minded individuals and groups. We suggest $20 for each individual signature and $30 for each organization. Please contribute online before August 31 or by mail before August 25.

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A nuclear fireball

Should the Holy See Acquire Nuclear Weapons?

Consider this hypothetical situation. A treaty banning nuclear weapons is agreed to. Pressure builds on nuclear-weapons states to give up their arsenals and the world’s nations collectively ask the Holy See to serve as the repository of a small stockpile of nuclear warheads, creating a special exception to the NPT.

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End Drone Warfare Now!

We decry our government’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) as the new face of war. Under the U.N. Charter, a member state may use military force only in defense to an armed attack or with the authorization of the Security Council. We call for an immediate end to the use of armed drones.

Why Pope Francis’ World Day of Peace Message is Such a Breakthrough

That Pope Francis consciously chose “nonviolence” as the theme of his message to the world on New Year ’s Day, 2017, is in itself a powerful fact. The Pope unabashedly pointed out that “(Jesus)… taught his disciples to love their enemies and to turn the other cheek. … Jesus marked out the path of nonviolence. He walked that path to the very end, to the cross.”

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I. Somewhere, out at the edges, the night Is turning and the waves of darkness Begin to brighten the shore of dawn. The heavy dark falls back to earth And the freed air goes wild with light, The heart fills with fresh, bright breath And thoughts stir to give birth to colour. II. I arise […]

Eucharistic Love

By Art Laffin Throughout my faith journey and ministry of service and peacemaking, the Eucharist has helped to sustain me and compelled me to act. Moreover, the Eucharist has enabled me to endure difficult life situations: State-sanctioned killing; standing with people in war zones in Central America and Iraq crying out for peace; assisting poverty […]

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