by Kathy Kelly At an April, 2017 Symposium on Peace in Nashville, TN, Martha Hennessy spoke about central tenets of Maryhouse, a home of hospitality in New York City, where Martha often lives and works. Every day, the community there tries to abide by the counsels of Dorothy Day, Martha’s grandmother, who co-founded houses of […]

Consider this hypothetical situation. A treaty banning nuclear weapons is agreed to. Pressure builds on nuclear-weapons states to give up their arsenals and the world’s nations collectively ask the Holy See to serve as the repository of a small stockpile of nuclear warheads, creating a special exception to the NPT.

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By Tony Magliano World Refugee Day, June 20, came and went with hardly a notice. I almost missed it. Sadly, little mention was given in the secular and even religious world to the unprecedented refugee crisis endured by countless fellow human beings who have fled their homes with little more than the shirt on their […]

As you heard a couple weeks ago, we are having some sales so we can decrease our current, small inventory and focus our attention on the Lent and Advent reflection booklets in the future. Therefore, everything is 50% off at our online store, and this discount is automatically applied at checkout. Contact Rachel, or 202-635-5819, […]

By Tony Magliano The highly relevant quote, “Budgets are moral documents,” has been arguably attributed to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. But if he didn’t coin that exact phase, he very well could have. Similarly he surely did say, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on […]