By Art Laffin
St. Francis, most faithful disciple of Jesus, holy one of the poor, servant of the outcasts, lover of creation, you who bore the sacred stigmata of Jesus, thank you for showing everyone–past and present–how much God loves us and that we are all children of the same Creator.

The use of nuclear weapons is a crime against humanity. Nuclear weapons should be banned and eliminated without delay. Now is the time for us to join hands with citizens, local and national governments and the United Nations to open the door to a world without nuclear weapons.

With these words Our Lord exalts peace-makers, saying that “they shall be called children of God.” (Matthew 5: 9) Through these same Gospel words, I should like to explain the Church’s attitude to the widespread talk of arming Christians, especially in Damascus. We call upon all our faithful, in all parishes, to refuse offers of arms.

From Franciscans International Precious God, what makes you weep? What are the things in this world that break your heart? (silence) Glorious God we pray for the nation of Syria. We ask for your mercy. We pray for children who have lost parents and parents, children. The voiceless, who sleep to the rhythm of their […]

Our bodies are sacred, to be used to love, teach, heal, and bless, as Christ did. It is therefore a grave offense for anyone to abuse, violate, torture the body of another, which was made for wholeness and holiness. It is a grave offense against that person’s body, but also against the whole Body of Christ, of which we are members. For when one member of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.